Editor’s note: Earlier this year in a series of phone calls with former Landmark editor Bob Uphues, JoAnne Kosey informed him she would be writing a final column that she wanted read at her funeral, and that she wanted her longtime editor to do the honors.

After JoAnne returned home on Aug. 14 from months of medical care at MacNeal Hospital and Cantata Adult Life Services to enter hospice care, she wrote that column, which Uphues read at her funeral Mass on Oct. 4. It follows below.

Well, here it is, my last Kosey’s Korner column. I will avoid writing only 400 words since I’m not being paid anyway. This column is being written in longhand, and any edits or corrections will be done by Bob Uphues. And, although he has done a good job for me over the past 20 years, it really is my column. 

So here goes:

To Husband Joe, who has said we have had peaks and valleys in our marriage: Those peaks were wonderful.

Michael and Tina: I wanted a boy first and I couldn’t have asked for a better one, especially when you finally slept through the night. Our second attempt was a girl and we got just what we wanted in Tina, a strong-willed little girl with a head full of curls and as cute as can be. I only hope these two know how much they meant to me and always will.  

The list of others who have affected my life could be endless because so many of you have helped make my life.

Joe Ballerine: You have been referred to as my other son, and if I could have another, you would be it and the one with whom I share the Studs Terkel Award. Don’t forget to pick up the award — it is yours now.  

Alex Gallegos: You have kept me in the loop. You always managed to find me. Thanks, Alex, for keeping me company, phone-wise, and being able to find me.

Tom Weitzel, Matt Buckley, Frank Lara, Ski and all in your departments: Thank you for your kindness.  

Scott Zimmer: Thank you for Chew Chew and all the wonderful times.

Aunt Diana’s — with my dear friends, Patty and Agne, Carol and others — is where I learned to eat cheese popcorn without my fingers getting orange.

Bill Paganis: Thank you for years of friendship and beauty.  

Thanks to my dear friends at Higgins Glass and to Pat Leone for La Barra, where for years as teenagers we gathered on the corner on weekend nights.

My life at St. Mary’s was very formative and there are many stories. Thank you, Father Tom, for our weekly visits. Teresa, you fit in this section. My dear friend, I love you.  

My Mater Christi life: I loved the teaching and the friends I made, the fun in the school office and with Kathie, my boss and friend from Butter Cup. 

My friends from Nazareth: I wish there were more. Here’s to Sister Terry.  

My RB friends: Thank you for letting me be an honorary member of the class of 1960. The Jablonskys, the Studronskys, the Krachts, the Waiteks, Bob Sandusky, the Matooks and others who may have dropped in.  

I hope I left something at RB, and I am glad Dave Monti has taken over the helm of the foundation. 

Danny Jisa, who shares my love for the 4th of July: I leave the Friends to you. 

Thank you to the Navarros for their friendship and kindness over the years.

There is so much more, but I know you are already squirming in your seats. 

Thank you to all the nurses and CNAs at Cantata. I sure enjoyed having my oatmeal every morning. Should have done more of my therapy. Lazy me. Adam gave the best massages.

Time to close this out, no matter how many words — Dan Haley and Bob Uphues can count them later.

To all I’ve met along my path through life, thank you. And if I said a kind word to you or have given you a laugh, I am happy, for that is what I was meant to do. Take care of yourselves and each other. Remember: Kindness matters.

Since this is the last page can I have an AMEN?

I can’t hear you!


Go in peace.