Former auto repair shop on 9100 31st St. | File

The property that once housed a former auto repair shop on 31st Street could become a public parking lot.  

The village is evaluating turning the lot into a lot that would serve businesses on 31st Street, village staff said. A detailed proposal, including costs and plans to turn the property into a parking lot, will be shared with the village board as they evaluate the 2024 budget next month. These may include an environmental evaluation. In the past, the property housed two gasoline and one used-oil tanks, records from the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshall show. All tanks have been removed, records show. 

 The Village of Brookfield first proposed acquiring the property through Cook County’s No-Cash bid program for delinquent tax properties in Nov. 2021. The county program gives municipalities a tool to acquire delinquent property to be reused for private development or for the municipality’s tax-exempt use.  

At the time, the village sought to purchase four tax-delinquent properties, including the one on the 9000 block of 31st Street. Village Manager Tim Wiberg then said that the village’s acquisition of properties that may require soil remediation could be the best alternative for developing them. 

The village finally acquired the property this year, Cook County records show.  

The property was formerly owned by Frank J. Siblik and his wife Mary J. Siblik. Records from the Cook County Treasurer’s Office show that $25,000 in delinquent taxes are owed for the years 2021 and 2022. There are no records of property tax payments since 2016.  

The 3,125 square-foot lot houses a one-story fireproof public garage, Cook County records shows.