Tim Wiberg

Brookfield’s trustees unanimously approved an annual pay increase for Village Manager Timothy C. Wiberg at the Oct. 9 board meeting. The 6% approved increase follows Wiberg’s annual performance evaluation by the village board, village documents show.  

The approved raise increases Wiberg’s annual salary to $210,650 effective Oct. 1, 2023.  

At the last board meeting, trustees approved an amendment to his contract updating his compensation as part of the omnibus agenda without comment. Per Brookfield’s municipal code, the village manager’s compensation is determined by the village president and village board of trustees. 

Wiberg was first appointed as village manager in September 2018, entering his first employment agreement with the village. Prior to his hire for the Brookfield government, he spent 15 years as village manager in Lincolnwood. Since his arrival, Wiberg has pushed economic development initiatives and other plans to revitalize Brookfield’s commercial areas.  

Last year, the village approved a 3% salary increase for him. In 2021 and 2021, Wiberg was awarded 5% salary increases, while in 2019 he received a one-time $10,000 pay increase. In all, his salary has increased by 27% since he was hired in 2018 for an initial salary of $165,000.