For those following both this season of “The Bachelorette” on ABC-Channel 7, and the Landmark, we are keeping tabs on Riverside native Wendell Jisa in his quest for love on the popular television show.

This week’s episode is only the second in the series, and Wendell is still on the A-list of Bachelorette Jen’s picks. We couldn’t agree more. Monday’s show involved two seven-man group dates and one single date?”a romantic dinner shared by Jen and contestant Keith. The first group headed out on a boat cruise for the evening, and the second group (including Wendell) cheered at a New York Knicks basketball game.

“Jen and I clicked right away,” says Jisa. “I was just trying to be myself throughout this whole process, and I wanted to keep my time with Jen separate from the relationships I was also building with the guys in the house. I never talked to them about Jen at all.”

While Jisa says the first rose ceremony, where Jen selected the men who would continue on, was nerve-wracking, the second one was easier. he said that he felt more confident after having more time to get to know Jen.

“There were definitely times where I thought, ‘What have I gotten myself into?'” laughs Jisa. “But overall, I went into it just wanting to have a good time and hoping to enjoy the experience. If I got a relationship out of it, all the better.”

Jisa describes Jen as “a sweetheart,” and says that he tried to make her feel comfortable, knowing she was probably very nervous.

“Some of these guys were freaks,” he says. “They were so serious so quick. I mean, how can you say you’ve fallen in love with a person after one week?”

The group of 15 men was narrowed down to eight Monday night, and Wendell again made the cut.