Here I am, readers, deadline is fast approaching and the column I had planned on writing is not complete, you know, not all the information is ready. So, what do I do but write a column that will clear up some of the little pieces of paper around my computer and clear up little things which may give you a chuckle or be of some interest. Well, here goes!

Last night, Sunday night, I was torn as to what to watch on TV. Husband Joe had little part in the decision since he had dozed off on the couch. Do I watch the Golden Globe Awards or the dog show on the Animal Channel?

I had watched the first part of the dog show on Saturday night, and I needed to know who would be named Best in Show, which is similar to who will be named the best actor or actress. Luckily the remote has a “jump” button, which meant I could go back and forth from the two channels with some ease.

I had planned I could “jump” from station to station during commercial breaks, but (and I think it is planned that way) commercials were on at the same time. So much for my plan.

The Golden Globes gave much attention to fashion, male and female. I must say many of the gowns left little to the imagination and didn’t look very comfortable, but then comfort is not the priority.

As for the shoes, yikes, how do they walk in them? It’s like walking on your toes all the time. Again comfort is not the priority.

The dogs on the other hand looked very comfortable in what they didn’t wear and were impeccably groomed. In some cases, the dogs were much better coifed than the stars. I would venture a guess that more time was spent on the dog grooming than the people, just an observation.

So there I was clicking back and forth. Husband Joe finally woke up so he could go to bed, so the remote was clearly mine. Time being of the essence, the big endings for both shows happened at the same time. I opted for the dogs, since I felt the dog show would not get the next day coverage the Golden Globes would be getting.

The big winner … the bloodhound! The big sad-eyed dog beat out a giant Schnauzer, a toy poodle and about five other dogs. It must have been the way he walked down the carpet. His performance and his personality gave him the edge, and he did it without a publicist.

I was favoring the Dandie Dinmont but it just wasn’t her night. No long blubbering speeches at the dog show, no list of thanks or jealousy on the part of the other dogs. Just a pat on the head and a treat was enough for the proud pooch. I think I made the right decision as to what to watch on Sunday night.

Now Monday night, that will be another story. First there’s “The Bachelorette.” It’s not that I’m into these shows, but because one of the bachelors is Riverside born and raised Wendell Jisa.

I doubt seriously the 32 year old has any problems in the world of dating, but his picture was sent to the show by a friend and he was one of 40 chosen out of thousands to be on the show. He survived the first on-air cut when he was given a rose by the bachelorette.

The suspense continues and I will keep you informed with maybe even a quote from Wendell. The girl wouldn’t go wrong if she picked Wendell, but it’s her choice. More next week.

To Ray Hall who wondered why he didn’t get a birthday present from me on his birthday: Ray, I didn’t know when your birthday was (it’s on my calendar now) so “Happy Birthday!”