St. Louise de Marillac School dedicated its new computer lab Sunday. Father Fred Tomzik dedicated the lab, which was funded by alumni donations.

Principal Michele Bancroft said the school raised over $10,000 to fund the project. After construction for a science lab began, the school decided to move the computer lab across the hall. Because of the location change, the new room had to be rewired and prepared to accommodate a technology lab.

The new lab, which is open to all teachers and classes, is able to access the Internet much quicker, said librarian Linda Klean.

All of the lab’s rewiring was paid for by parishioner and alumni donations. Tony Kesman, a former parishioner and alumnus of the school, was one of the main contributors. He and his two sisters both attended school and church at St. Louise as kids.

“My parents were original parishioners in 1955,” Kesman said.

Kesman and his sisters set up a charity in honor of their parents and chose to donate the money to St. Louise, since all three siblings were alumni and they saw a specific need there.

“Many people gave money in remembrance of my dad,” he said.

Kesman felt donating the money was a great way to honor his parents because they had a deep faith and were dedicated parishioners.

“All of us deeply feel we received a great faith-based education,” Kesman said. “We’re very grateful.”