On April 5, I am seeking reelection to the District 96 Board of Education. I have served on the board for eight years and am currently the president. I have cherished the ability to participate in decisions which positively affect education for the children of the district. If reelected, I look forward to be able to continue the strong legacy of educational excellence in our district.

Due to the demands of my busy law practice and trial schedule, which I communicated to the Landmark, I was unable to appear for an interview prior to the Landmark’s endorsement for this upcoming election. As a result, the Landmark followed their policy and did not endorse me for another term on the school board.

However, the Landmark is well aware of my services in the district including my participation in two successful referendums, the realignment of school boundaries, numerous educational initiatives, the hiring of a new superintendent and, most recently, the inception of a new strategic planning process.

Over the years, I have personally discussed these issues with the Landmark’s editorial staff and, on the occasion of the last referendum, personally appeared in the offices of the Landmark to request its support.

Experience, knowledge and commitment should be the basis upon which the Landmark makes its endorsements. It is a disservice to the community that this did not occur.

? Cheryl Berdelle is the president of the District 96 school board.