Next Tuesday is election day. In many parts of the Landmark area, it’ll be a pretty routine affair. Only a handful of the local elections are contested this time around. Most contests?”Brookfield-LaGrange School District 95, Komarek School District 94, Brookfield-Lyons School District 103, the Riverside village president and board, the North Riverside village board and clerk, the Riverside Library and Riverside Township?”are uncontested.

That’s a shame. Voters are better served by choice, but there are still some important contested elections in all three villages, and registered voters need to come to the polls and lend their voices to the governing process.

In Brookfield, there are several important races on the ballot, not the least of which are choosing village president, trustee and clerk. For all Brookfielders, there’s a contested election for three library board seats.

Residents on the north end of Brookfield also have significant school-related matters on the ballot. As a result of this election, there will be three new faces on the Riverside-Brookfield High School Board of Education. Northsiders living within the boundaries of District 95 also face a referendum question asking for a tax hike for the district’s education fund.

On the south side of town, there’s a contested race for the Lyons Township High School District 204 board.

In Riverside and part of North Riverside and Brookfield, there’s a contested race in District 96, featuring six candidates for four seats, and there is a contested mayoral election in North Riverside for the first time in eight years.

No matter where you turn in each of the three villages, there are reasons to get out and vote. Last week, we made our endorsements in each of the contested elections, except for District 204. We’ll recap those endorsements here for those who may have missed that issue. As always, you can feel free to take this list into the voting booth if you so choose.

Brookfield president: Michael Garvey

Brookfield trustee: Wil Brennan, Catherine Colgrass Edwards, Kit Ketchmark

Brookfield clerk: Dan Raddatz

Brookfield Library: Margaret Blasage, Carol Kissane, Jonathan Platt

North Riverside mayor: Richard Scheck

District 96: John Allegretti, Nancy Jensen, Ben Sells, Richard Volpe

District 208 (Riverside-Brookfield High School): Laura Hruska, William McCloskey, Luann Stirek

District 95 referendum: Yes

Get out there and vote. You’ll feel glad you did.