Russ definitely outclassed letter writer
Michele Catanzaro was quoted in a letter to the editor about former Village President Russ (“Brookfield voters came out to support PEP,” LETTERS, May 4) as saying, “Face it Bill, you were outclassed.”

Obviously, he wasn’t outclassed by her as even now, when the election is history, she still feels a need for personal attacks. It’s letter writing and comments like this that show a person’s true colors, and now we are all fully aware of just how vindictive one can be. Personally, I’d like to have a job where I can walk out screaming, get $15,000, violate my confidentiality clause, not get sued to return the money (due to campaign contributions?) and then possibly go back to work for the company I wrongfully sued in the first place (i.e., the Village of Brookfield).

I certainly hope this rumor of her future village employment is not true and that Mike Garvey is not setting up the residents to pay yet another settlement to Michele when she gets mad at him and quits (again).

Is this because she was a large supporter of his campaign? I can’t imagine getting re-employed under those conditions, but maybe since she already has another family member working for the village, employing her would be no big deal.

Further, Michele states that many good working people were fired when Bill came into office, but I was under the impression that she didn’t get along with many of them. In fact, more than one resident I know was treated very rudely by Michele.

However, isn’t Mike Garvey planning basically the same thing for the Public Works Department? Possibly a few lay-offs? But I guess that’s different, right?

Lynn Heylek

? Ed. note: The Village of Brookfield has sued Catanzaro to get its settlement money back. That litigation is ongoing.

Brookfield will decline with PEP in power
This letter is in response to the most misrepresented letter I have ever read. Michele Catanzaro wrote in her letter (“Brookfield voters came out to support PEP,” LETTERS, May 4) that the VIP Party is nothing but liars and accomplished nothing over the last four years.

Property values rising over 35 percent in three years, CVS Pharmacy, improved streets throughout the village, crime rate down 26 percent, homeowners staying in the village and remodeling their houses instead of moving. Condominiums being built and bringing in tax revenue. I could list more, but it would be longer than “War and Peace.”

Let’s talk about the PEP Party that she endorses this time. Michael Garvey states residents like myself that live in SSAs voted on the new streets and should continue to pay for them. The PEP Party was in power when they came and said to me, either you pay for them or they will never get fixed. We had gravel roads and flooded basements for 15 years before they were fixed; not much of a choice there.

Now Garvey says he will overturn the vote and raise our taxes between $500-$1,000. In his campaign propaganda, he stated he wanted to work with all residents. He’s not even in office when this letter was written and he is already breaking a campaign promise.

Mark my word that when PEP takes over, streets will crumble, businesses will close and home values will plummet. Towner and Edwards have no political experience. Brookfield will turn into another Chicago, Cicero, Berwyn, Lyons, all with corrupt and ineffective politicians who care more for their career than the people they are supposed to represent.

Don’t forget that Michele Catanzaro was fired as a village employee. Maybe some sour grapes here.

Mark A. Roegner

Bike trail article brought home fond memories
Thank you for writing that very interesting article about the Salt Creek Bike Trail (“Bike trek,” CURRENTS, April 13).

We have been riding that trail for years (before it was asphalted) with our two sons. One son rode up on my bike while the other son had his little Spider bike. My husband and I loved riding the dirt trail with the boys.

One day, our oldest rode too near salt Creek and tipped over into the water. He was about 8 years old then. We quickly got him out of the muddy water and rode home.

My husband and I still ride from 17th Avenue to the toboggan slide and back quite often. We’re retired and still enjoy the ride.

Your article was so accurate and descriptive. If we closed our eyes and had someone read the article to us, we could picture accurately all the details you mention in your article. I love it, and will keep your article always, because one day we may no loner be able to ride our bikes and will ride in our minds as we read your article over and over.

Thanks, Chris.

Mike and Evie Theis