It appears there is no organized group opposing the RBHS tax referendum. This is apathetic. From the looks of it, CURB may just prevail. Too bad this group has no concern for the taxpayers of RBHS.

Why should we not be surprised that RBHS and CURB are using dirty tactics to push their agenda? Surely everyone involved knows the RBTV ad was in borderline violation of state law.

If the RBTV ad was a public service announcement, it was a self-serving one for CURB. Using a waving American flag as a backdrop, probably accompanied by some patriotic music, was pure genius. The only thing they left out was a bespectacled grey-haired grandma holding a freshly baked apple pie.

It’s time the citizens of the RBHS district stand up in protest against this kind of unbridled spending and demand the board live within its means the way we taxpayers have to. If we remain apathetic and allow this referendum to pass, we deserve what we get and can expect more of the same from our school boards run by the teachers unions.

Mr. Scanlon says he would have run a public service announcement with a Vote No theme. Maybe he should be allowed to do so for AARP, since a lot of Riverside residents are members. He could show one of us checking the prices on cans of tuna, buying day-old bread or scraps of lunch meat at Riverside Foods. Or how about picking up aluminum cans to cash in for some change?

Frank C. Vlazny