Jim Marciniak asks what will it take for the citizens of District 208 to rescue Riverside-Brookfield High School (“Save RBHS from ‘destructive’ school board,” Opinion, Nov. 21).

According to the 2006 RBHS audit, the 2005-2008 three-year teacher contract “… provide(d) for annual increases of 5 percent to bring the staff within the top 10 comparative area high school districts.”

Mr. Marciniak was the lead negotiator for the current five-year contract signed in April 2008, which will expire June 30, 2013 and had even higher annual increases.

With the overwhelming failure of the 2011 referendum, the current RBHS board and Dr. Skinkis have accepted the financial constraints and are attempting to regain the trust of the voters with appropriate stewardship of community resources.

John D. Keen, M.D.

John D. Keen is a member of the Riverside-Brookfield High School Board of Education.