Courtesy Chicago Zoological Society

The Chicago Zoological Society on Dec. 26 announced the birth of two litters of dwarf mongoose pups at Brookfield Zoo. The litters were born on Sept. 12 and Nov. 24, and included three males and four as-yet unsexed puppies respectively. The animals are on display in the zoo’s Habitat Africa! Savannah exhibit.

The pups are the first litters for Tavi, a 3-year-old dwarf mongoose. The pups were sired by Gimbi, 13. The pairing was the result of a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Dwarf Mongoose Species Survival Plan. Brookfield Zoo has exhibited dwarf mongooses since Habitat Africa! opened in 1993.

The animals are found in dry open savannahs, woodlands and brush of Africa and use underground den sites in the roots of trees or termite mounds for shelter and to give birth.