Courtesy Riverside Parks & Recreation Department

The “Big Chill Crew” is in the process of constructing the ice rink at Big Ball Park. Be advised that although the rink is being set up, it will not be open for usage this week. We know residents are eager to start skating, but going on the ice before it is completely solid only prolongs the process. For that reason we have created a flag system for your safety:

The rink will not be available for use until you see the GREEN FLAG!

The RED FLAG indicates that the rink is CLOSED.

We will send an additional e-flash once the rink is open and safe to use.

Riverside Parks & Recreation Department would like to thank the Big Chill Crew for all their hard work in constructing and maintaining the ice rink as well as the Jr. Woman’s Charity for supplying the liner each year. Without them, the ice rink would not be possible.

Again, please observe the flag system:



We appreciate your cooperation and wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Questions may be directed to Riverside Parks & Recreation Department at 708/442-7025. Follow us on Facebook at

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