Each year at the Lyons Township High School graduation ceremony, the senior class presents LT with a class gift in appreciation for the four great years they had at the high school. These gifts have provided the district with extra amenities that bolster the appearance, the spirit or the history of both campuses.

In honor of an important double anniversary (LTHS 125th and the Alumni Association 10th) and in continued support of this time-honored tradition, the Alumni Association is spearheading a fundraising effort to present LT with a very special All-Class Gift –a large stone LTHS school seal at a cost of about $10,000. We are counting on the generosity of fellow alumni to help make this gift a reality.

The school seal will be installed on the outside of the North Campus fieldhouse. This highly visible wall is in between the main entrances of the fieldhouse and just yards away from the two Lion statues that were donated by past senior classes.

In the spirit of LT pride and old fashioned competition, the Association will keep track of the donations by class year. Donations will be tallied by class year and published in a future Alumni Association newsletter. The winning class will earn the eternal kudos of the Alumni Association and future classes. We hope alumni see the value of this gift and choose to participate.

Alumni, let the games begin!