I told you I would inform you as soon as I knew — and now I know, so here is the info.

The Chew Chew, 33 E. Burlington St. in Riverside, will be one of the featured restaurants on the WTTW-TV show “Check Please” on Friday, Feb. 1, so mark your calendars and settle in at 8 p.m. to watch a review of one of Riverside’s favorite eateries.

Hosted by Alpana Singh, each episode of the show features three restaurants suggested by three people as their favorite. The restaurants are then reviewed by all three people. Proprietors of the establishments do not know who suggested their restaurant or when the other “panelists” will be coming in to dine.

Scott Zimmer, owner of The Chew Chew, told me as recently as this week he still does not know who it is that recommended his restaurant. He only knows The Chew Chew has been recommended a few times over the years.

Well, Scott, I know who it is — but I can keep a secret, even though I have been asked to spill the beans numerous times.

Camera crews were at the restaurant twice in the fall to shoot interior scenes, but the show’s producers gave no indication when the show would air. The second time the crew arrived, the word was out they would be there and the place would was packed by the faithful.

“I’m just happy for the support I have received over the years from the village and its residents as others who come from all over,” Zimmer said.

Zimmer said Feb. 1 will be an evening to share with customers who come to watch the show and have a celebratory glass of champagne.

In the years The Chew Chew has become a fixture in Riverside, Zimmer has expanded his special events. A full house greeted 2013 during the restaurant’s annual New Year’s Eve dinner. February will include a Mardi Gras menu, and a “not for lovers only” Valentine’s dinner, as well as the regular menu and daily specials.

If you are not greeted by Zimmer himself when you enter the restaurant, it is because he is in the kitchen cooking and adding his special touches.

After Feb. 1 more people will know what so many of us already know about The Chew Chew.

And you’ll also finally know the name of the “mystery diner.” Stay tuned.