Courtesy Amy Selle, Cantata

Local not-for-profit organization Cantata Adult Life Services has teamed up with CaptionCall to help local citizens with hearing impairments take advantage of a free technology service funded by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

CaptionCall is a free phone with a digital text display that translates audio into text for those with hearing loss. CaptionCall is a lot like closed-caption television. It uses cutting-edge technology to display written, nearly instant captions of what callers are saying.

CaptionCall includes:

  • A free phone with an easy-to-read text display
  • Free installation and training on how to use the phone
  • No additional service fees on your current telephone bill

Caption Call works automatically with one’s phone service provider, with no increase to one’s monthly bill. The captioning service is free and funded by the FCC. All participants need to get started is standard home phone service, a high-speed internet connection and a form filled out by their audiologist indicating that they have a hearing impairment.

Cantata Adult Life Services has teamed up with CaptionCall by assisting local community members in signing up for CaptionCall. Local residents who are interested should contact Cantata Adult Life Services by calling 708-485-1155. The not-for-profit Cantata will have friendly customer advocates who can answer questions, send out the audiologist form, and help them sign up for the free call-captioning program.

“This program is a perfect match for Cantata Adult Life Services because our mission is to orchestrate innovative solutions, services and connections for adults and their families as they seek to achieve their best lives. This is a great way to help those are hearing impaired live their best lives,” says Kevin Heraty, Chief Marketing Officer for Cantata Adult Life Services.

To meet the changing needs of active adults, Cantata offers in-home services, handyman and home remodeling services, expanded fitness, wellness and lifelong learning programs, rehabilitation and outpatient therapy services, and varied senior living options.

CaptionCall is another innovative solution from Sorenson Communications. Sorenson has been offering technology and services for assistive communications markets since 1995, and is the worldwide leader in telecommunication relay services.