Courtesy Mary Ann Nardi, Riverside Brookfield Township HS District 208

Riverside Brookfield High School is proud to announce that the AP Art Show will begin on March 1 at the Riverside Art Center.

The Opening Reception for the 2013 Riverside Brookfield High School AP Art Show at the Riverside Art Center is on Friday, March 1, between 5-7 p.m. This exhibit showcases current RB AP Studio students’ works. The collection will be on display through the month of March at the Riverside Art Center gallery located at 32 East Quincy Road in Riverside, Illinois.

In addition to this opportunity, the Riverside Art Center has invited our current and future AP Art Studio students to a discussion with a panel of art professionals about careers in art. This will better prepare students for the class and college, provide for networking with other artists, and to learn about future art opportunities. Thank you to Riverside Art Center and our community for supporting the arts!