Joe Wanner has a background of service to the community through coaching, mentoring and being a very active parent of three with our schools. Joe is involved with the Riverside-Brookfield High School graduation requirements committee, REEF (Riverside Elementary Education Foundation), also continuing his 11-year service as a schoolroom parent, and is always volunteering to help with school activities.

He spent over 10 years in the banking industry, performing all levels of strategic planning after receiving his economics degree from Columbia University and MBA from Northwestern. Joe’s individual qualifications alone make him a worthy candidate without having to rely on others from a slate, especially during this time of fiscal uncertainty at RBHS.

Joe Wanner’s abilities are only surpassed by his commitment and attitude to get the job done. His hardworking style and strong sense of community are hallmarks of his character. Joe’s plain spoken style is refreshingly clear and transparent leaving no room for ambiguity.

The RBHS school board demands the candidate who has the dedication to maintain academic excellence while also establishing financial stability. Please learn more about each individual candidate, and I hope you will join me in endorsing Joe Wanner for District 208 school board.

Bill Judy


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