Having dealt with the long-term health issues of their son, Cameron, and the financial problems that came with it, the Dominick family of Riverside grew to realize they weren’t alone.

In addition to finding so many others dealing with what the same kinds of issues, they also found that there were also many people willing to help. One result of their journey is the Cameron Can Foundation, which was formed four years ago.

Cameron was born prematurely, with medical conditions that have resulted in resulted in numerous brain surgeries and hospital stays, the last being before last Christmas. During their own struggle to cope, they realized there was a need to help families, like theirs, who were dealing with long-term medical issues for their children.

According to Rory Dominick, establishing the foundation is their way of giving back in appreciation to all those who have helped them over the years.  

“Families are the priorities,” said Dominick, and the foundation has shown how people can help each other.

The nonprofit foundation has helped the families of six children over the past four years. This year Michelle and Brian Backus will be the recipient of a grant to aid with the expenses of their son Adam, who is an 11-year-old fifth-grade student at Blythe Park School in Riverside.

The foundation is funded through donations and their annual fundraiser. This year’s fundraiser, a cocktail party, will be held on Thursday, March 13 at the Montgomery Club in Chicago. 

More information on the event and the Cameron Can Foundation can be found at the foundation’s web site at www.cameron-can.com. The website is also where you can read about the Backus’ son, Adam, and how you can help. It is also where families struggling to meet the financial burdens of long-term medical care for their children can learn about how to apply for a grant from the foundation. Recipients of grants do not have to be Riverside residents.

The Dominick family — Rory and Matt, along with sons Cameron, 7, and Connor, 5 — know the true meaning of giving and are example of how to say thank you by their actions.

The determination and the generosity of many is what can stamp out many health problems which afflict youngsters. We all can help be part of the solution.