Here it is Christmas Eve, and Santa is finishing up his rounds and looking forward to some rest. He has been very busy, keeping the elves occupied and getting the reindeer into condition — and, naturally, keeping in close contact with all of his Elves on the Shelves. 

We didn’t have that when our children were young, if they misbehaved (not my children, of course). I just gave them “the look,” admonished them and told them I would tell Santa.

Getting ready for Christmas finds Santa spending much of his time reading letters from good little boys and girls. Since I talk to him occasionally, he told me of one particularly interesting letter he received this year from one Henry Shofer.

 He knew that I knew Henry, since his grandparents are Tom and Nicoline Shields of Riverside. The story behind the letter is this. When asked what he wanted from Santa, Henry replied, “a robot, a special robot.”

Henry was told, “That sounds like something for the elves to make.”

His response, “They just go to Walgreens and buy it.” 

So, mom, dad and Henry went to Walgreens to see the robot, take a photo for the elves and send it in a letter to Santa. Henry and his mom, Nicky, carefully decided what to write to Santa. Mom wrote the letter first and 4-year-old Henry painstakingly copied her every word; this letter was from him. 

The letter has been mailed and we can be sure it gave Santa a chuckle. Santa was also happy to know that Henry, who had a rough year health-wise, is doing great and looking forward to Christmas with all his cousins and his new robot. 

Oh, we know Henry will get the robot. An elf named Trevor (Henry’s dad) has already been to Walgreens, we hear. So, because he is a good boy, Henry will get his robot and Santa’s elves did not have to work hard on his present. Santa will get some well-deserved rest and think about exercising after eating all those cookies as will the rest of us.

 Henry and his robot made me smile this holiday season as do Stephanie, Elena, Max, Parker and McKenna (happy birthday on Dec. 27, 4 year old) and my family, friends, readers and The Landmark. I am truly blessed. Merry Christmas.