Haven’t seen much in print about the Burlington reconstruction project. I’ve seen the presentation at the village hall and found it a hodgepodge of confusion. Sketches were all over and out of place.

First impression, nothing that fits our historic landmark history. Not the image we want to or should project. Then it hit me, Burr Ridge Center, Willow Springs Center. It’s a genuine clone, a yuppie vision of everyplace.

Questions on why this has been pushed through so quickly and without input from other designers is evident by Mr. Sells’ statement that if it were not for Christopher Burke Engineering obtaining the $754,000-plus [grant] for this improvement. (sic) It’s as simple as old-style Mayor Daley, Chicago-style Democratic politics.

The only “red herring” about this entire project is that it stinks like a dead fish. They say a fish rots from the head down.

It seems that no thought as to maintaining the paver bricks, snow removal or de-icing of them has been considered. The large bump outs at intersections are not productive as they eliminate a turn lane easing traffic flow and collect trash which the street sweeper has a hard time reaching, not to mention snow plows.

Having spent almost 30 years with Hinsdale Public Works I can personally attest to the extra time and expense in cleaning those bump outs and in the removal, leveling and replacing of those paver bricks, in which many weeks each summer were spent.

I hope some legal action can be taken to slow this rush to disaster. How can Riverside residents get on board with this improvement when the village president states, “This is a plan I can stand beside” and not behind?

Taxpayers want to be heard and listened to. We want and deserve better.

Frank Vlazny