Well here it is my first column of the new year and already I am starting out behind. Seems a planned interview has had to be put on hold due to a case of laryngitis — mine. In other words, I can’t talk, which may be a bonus for some family members but not me. 

So I am devising a plan B while resting my voice, so here goes.

Wrapping up on the last of the Christmas gifts, I can happily say that I can throw out all of the receipts; everything fits. There is however one gift that is still staring at me, because it is mine, that I may or may not keep.

It is a new phone.

Understand, I am still using a flip phone on which I can text and take pictures. I feel pretty good about that, since I am technologically challenged. The new phone does everything but cook dinner, although I’m sure it can pull up some good recipes. 

But I have yet to take it out of the box or unwrap the manual, because I’m not sure what to do with it. The younger members of my family who have their phones with them constantly — which at some point in their lives I’m sure will have to be surgically removed — commented that it might be too complicated, and wondered if I had activated it yet. No, it’s still in the box. Thanks a lot.

Now there are options, I can return it for something simpler or I can accept the challenge and learn what to do with it. I can go back to the place of purchase and ask for help. 

I can ask any teenager or I can go to Cantata (formerly the British Home) and get help, since they have programs dealing with technology. By the way, some of those giving the help are students from Riverside-Brookfield High School. So, once again, I could ask a teenager.

The question I ask myself is, “What do I want a phone to do? Is it an item of convenience that I can use to make calls or do I want more? Do I accept the challenge or do I cave in? 

I have been told it will be easier to send messages and store things. I think I will take it out of the box and give it a look. Maybe by the time I get my voice back I will be able to make a call on the new phone.