If you live in Brookfield, you have a library building referendum to vote on this election. A yes vote ensures that Brookfield will have a modern library that meets the needs of its community now and far into the future. 

The current facility cannot do that. It cannot be added on to. Thanks to careful planning, a new facility will not increase staffing requirements. Contrary to what you may have heard, the proposed new library will cost the average Brookfield homeowner less than $200 per year or $17 per month.

Families and businesses looking to relocate expect to be part of communities that value education and lifelong learning. Brookfield’s residents deserve no less. Our library is an invaluable resource that is about far more than books.

Don’t believe the misinformation out there – a yes vote for the library referendum is a prudent and responsible investment in the future of Brookfield.

Suzanne Williams