I am beginning to feel like Riverside’s food critic, which would not be a bad job to have, so here goes on the latest addition to the eating scene in Riverside.

You can stop trying to peek around paper-covered windows at Sawmilly, located at 35. E. Burlington St., because onlookers were able to see the lunch spot firsthand at the Holiday Stroll and the official opening on Dec. 5. 

The latest eatery from Scott Zimmer, owner of The Chew Chew restaurant located next door, is welcoming with its clean, sleek design the result of the collaboration between Zimmer and Riverside designer M.J. Kamin, who also was the interior designer for The Chew Chew. 

Seating includes four booths, a few smaller tables and stools at the window where one can sit and watch the comings and goings on Burlington.

The menu consists of sandwiches, loaded potatoes, soups, salads and desserts; there is plenty to choose from and satisfy ones palate. Sandwiches range from meat, fish, veggie and cheese on bread that would be good just by itself.

Making our selection took time, and I already know what to order on my next venture to Sawmilly. I had a tuna sandwich that was not your ordinary tuna sandwich. Husband Joe had a prosciutto and ham sandwich.

For sides we chose a crisp salad and homemade potato chips, along with a beer for me (lots of choices) and sparkling water for my “date.” The food is served on what resembles a wooden cutting board, and the portions are substantial, which let us bring home the remainder of our meal.

Currently the hours are noon to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday with a possibility of the hours expanding. For added convenience as part of the village’s new parking plan, a 15-minute take out space is located in front of the restaurant, so call ahead.

Sawmilly continues in the tradition of Scott Zimmer, which has come to mean fine food and pleasant surroundings.

This year his restaurant Chew Chew is celebrating 20 years in Riverside first in the Arcade Building and now on Burlington.

For those of you who haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, gift cards are available.

Welcome to Sawmilly and congratulations to Scott Zimmer.