It’s a sure sign of spring and the beginning of Little League season, when the port-a-potty appears in the park. I agree whole-heartedly with their need, but as I view the one standing at the Big Ball Park in Riverside, I keep thinking there might be a way to camouflage the big green box in some way. 

Now, I don’t want to get too much into it for fear I may have a new assignment. I keep thinking some kind of an arbor might make it a little less unsightly with possibly some ivy around it. Just a thought.

I don’t intend for this column to go to pot, but the fields are an improvement, including port-a-potties, from when our kids were younger and they were told to go before they left the house or to make friends with someone who lived close to the park in case of an emergency. 

Actually there are many improvements to Little League fields in our Riverside-Brookfield-North Riverside area which goes beyond the potty facilities. Husband Joe refers to his days as a little slugger and playing at the clearing at 6th Avenue and 26th street. He still likes to regale us with his prowess on the playing field and has a few trophies to prove it.

Ehlert Park and Kiwanis Park in Brookfield make it fun to see a game, even if you don’t have anyone playing. The field have good snack bars with plenty of eats and, yes, indoor potties. North Riverside has great fields with plenty of parking and, yes, good snack bar and indoor plumbing. 

Riverside’s fields are not as plush, but they are so much better than they used to be. I remember when the back stops went up — that was a big step. And bleachers made it possible to not have to lug a folding chair. But even these days, be sure to bring your own snack.

Now on this morning’s news I hear that someone decided to vandalize the ball fields at Indian Gardens in Riverside. A thoughtless, mean act that will be costly and time consuming.

 Obviously, the perpetrator never gave a thought that the ones that were being hurt are the children who use the fields. Hopefully the vandals will be apprehended. But, make no mistake: Little League season in Riverside will continue, because those of us who love baseball and Little League will make sure it does. Play ball!