Oak Park’s very own Code Play Learn came into existence when educator and science-lover William Greenwald realized his three sons weren’t getting the exposure to science he’d like to see in their elementary education. To him, the education of STEM related subjects—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math— were in need of attention and so he turned to business innovation to right this wrong.

With the first location housed right on the bustling Lake Street, Ridgeland intersection, the rapidly expanding business actively works to educate and encourage young minds about all the science world has to offer. “It’s better to start teaching kids young because they’re more willing to accept failure as part of the process. They work from the it might not have worked but look at what I made space,” explains Greenwald.

The tech-savvy STEM enrichment organization offers kids a variety of options from advanced to beginner education. Students can study robotics through Lego play or learn about the inner workings of their favorite video games. Each class is designed to excite youthful minds, ranged Kindergarten to 8th grade, about the relatability of technology and science.

“Cooking is code. Writing an English paper is code. Simply put, coding is the process of getting things done,” says Greenwald, “The biggest side of this business is the education about technological communication. Digital aspects have invaded our daily lives, and we should be helping kids to understand that technology isn’t magic. It’s actually very ease to build.”

In an effort to help make students feel more comfortable, courses will always run below capacity and have a max capacity of only 15. This gives the teachers room for one-on-one time with each child so they can ask the questions they want and also have access to the assistance they need. Whether a kid is an expert or a beginner, classes are always tailored towards the individual class size and each student in it. Classes do fill up quickly, and some are even full for the Winter 2020 courses at the Oak Park locations.

Alongside the extensive collection of introductory coding and engineering courses, Code Play Learn works on outreach activities within the community. With a newly established test preparation program, students can get the help they need to succeed on everything from HSPTs to SATs. They also enthusiastically execute a handful of enrichment programs in schools through their In-School STEM Field Trips, which can be organized upon request.

Birthday parties are a huge hit with the kiddos, and this educational institution offers a trio of party throwing options. With SPHERO Coding, Gadget Creation, and Minecraft Modding inspirations, children of all ages can find elements to enjoy within each two hour birthday package.

Summer camps are also one of the many fun services available through Code Play Learn. For 11 weeks this coming summer, kids can frolic and play during sports based activates balanced with exploring the exciting world of coding. Registration opens soon for this enticingly educational opportunity, so be sure to check out their website, codeplaylearn.com, while space is still available. You can also email inquiries to contact@codeplaylearn.com.