It is said when one door closes another one opens. In the case of Riverside one could say when one restaurant closes another one opens. 

Riverside Restaurant closed and now Little Bohemia. If you notice, they were both restaurants that served Bohemian/Czech food. Good comfort food. At present I can count more good ethnic Bohemian restaurants that have left the area than still remain. Of course who could forget Czech Lodge in North Riverside? A bit fancier than the usual. You could go up and down Cermak Road to satisfy your cravings. 

Luckily Czech Plaza in Berwyn and Klas in Cicero, both on Cermak Road are still open. In Stickney there is Josie’s. In Westchester, I’ve been told, there is a good place to go — or if you want to take a ride, go to Crystal Palace in Westmont. So there are still places to go, but I liked having them here. I’m starting to whine and that’s not good!

Another option would be to learn how to cook an authentic Bohemian meal, since I am married to a Czech. But I don’t think that is going to happen. I understand I can get liver dumpling soup at Josie’s and Chateau dumplings at the grocery store. Chateau Food products do have a Riverside connection. The owner, Matt Flickinger is the grandson of the founder, Charles Shotola. The Shotolas were longtime residents of Riverside.

Understanding that trends change, as do people’s tastes, I will have to adapt and be happy that Riverside has three fine restaurants — Chew Chew, LaBarra and Mollie’s. Though not serving Bohemian food, I can still be assured of a good meal. 

I somehow have a feeling that this column will have me hearing from you, my readers, on your favorite ethnic restaurant, and I appreciate any and all suggestions. It could possibly mean we will do lunch.

So good luck to the newest restaurants in town, including Michael’s Pancake House, which is taking over from Little Bohemia. And I do like pancakes!

Happy birthday to our daughter, Tina! Mrs. Duve as she is known around town. It was a snowy night when she was born on Jan. 22, 19 … The drive to LaGrange Hospital was treacherous, but we made it. Leaving for the hospital was akin to the scene when Lucy and Ricky had Little Ricky. We lived at my parents’ home and while Husband Joe and my mother argued about who was going to help me down the icy stairs, I took myself down the stairs and met them outside.

Worth it all when we added Christina Michele to our family. And she likes Bohemian food too!

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