Obtaining a mask in the beginning of the cover-up was not too easy. Husband Joe managed to get his first basic blue mask when he went to Riverside Foods barefaced. However, he didn’t remember to wear it the next time he went to the store. Kind people that they are, they gave him another one, which he keeps in the car.

Our next masks came from Carol Kraus, who has made over 1,000 masks and distributed then to those who needed them. Good for you, Carol.

Two more masks, also homemade, came from our neighbor Janet Nunziato, and lovely they are. Our growing mask wardrobe now includes Chicago Cubs masks, purchased online. There were three in the package, for what I considered a reasonable price, to show my support for my Cubbies and be safe.

As one would expect, people began to capitalize on mask wearing and they are readily available online and in stores. The price range varies depending on where they come from, the material and style. 

Old Navy has a reasonable package of masks that come in many designs to suit your mood or your fashion choice. The designs range from plain to prints and patterns. You can support your local school or sports team. 

You may even have a printed message. There is also the style that is similar to an infinity scarf that you wear around your neck and can easily be pulled up to cover your mouth and nose. Online shopping sites will more than satisfy your choice since you are staying in as much as possible.

Nobody really wants to wear the masks, but I do and so should you for the good of yourself and everyone else. I suppress the urge to reprimand those who are out and about without masks, but I will not hesitate to say “nice mask” if it really is.

Being the eternal optimist, I know the day will come when I can put away all my masks, probably next to those handkerchiefs people used to use until they discovered Kleenex was more sanitary.

But my friends, until then, wear your masks and wash your hands. Be safe!