So how are we going to write about Christmas 2020 in our memory book? It will be quite different, but then so has most of 2020. So let’s look back and find some of the good in what has been bad.

As a start, last Saturday there was a small wreath ceremony outside at the Riverside United Methodist Church for those Riverside residents who have died while serving in the Armed Forces.

It was a small group, fewer than 10. Tom Sisulak read the names of the 54 Riverside residents who died while serving in 20th century wars and American Legion member Greg Saganich presented a wreath, which is now displayed outside the church.

One of the attendees who took pictures and said, “Smile.” Of course, we all were wearing masks but, yes, we did smile. I know I did. How I could tell the others were smiling? Why, it was the gleam in their eyes. I like to think that behind our masks there are many smiles. 

OK, there was no going to see Santa and sit on his lap, this year, but we did see him as he drove past our homes in a truck on Saturday and waved. Don’t know who it was – well, other than it being Santa, of course – but it was very nice.

While it may seem like much has been taken away from us this holiday season, I have detected an effort by many to not let the goings on of 2020 get us down. Good for you people who have stepped up in one way or another. The creative ways people have come up with to assist others shows what we and do when called upon.

We must teach children to continue to believe, because Santa Claus will always be there only in many different ways. I know I continued to believe, even when my parents closed up the fireplace in the living room. How was Santa going to get in?  Mom taught me to believe and it did happen.

O little towns of Riverside, Brookfield, North Riverside how still we see thee lie, but in our hearts we are together, believing and hoping to be together as once before. So light a candle and imagine better Christmases to come. Peace!