Well it finally came to an end, the year 2020, and what a year it was! I can’t even begin to think of all that has happened, and much of it I would prefer to forget. 

I’m glad I won’t be writing the text books for this period of time or for that matter teaching it, and I liked teaching history and social studies, especially preparing students for the Constitution test. Maybe some people need to retake it.

At this time of the year people are busy making resolutions (or is it revolutions?) for the coming year. Each year I resolve not to make any resolutions; therefore, I am safe. 

New Year’s Day will find us not doing much except relaxing from our yearly New Year’s Eve dinner from The Chew Chew, which we have been doing it for a long time. 

I will also spend time changing the calendars — now that can be time consuming, putting in relevant dates in the proper places. Our page-a-day calendar goes in the TV room so each day we can thank Joe and Nancy Dvorak for the thoughtful gift. 

In the kitchen will be the family photos calendar put together by our daughter-in-law Pam, so we can see events of the family from 2020, all good things. I will also put away (hopefully for good) my holiday masks and choose which I will use for now. I am starting to gather quite a few of them, but I never seem to have one handy when I need it.

The tree and decorations will stay up until after “Little Christmas” on Jan. 6, and it may even stay up longer depending how I feel. Again I will try to put decorations away carefully so they will be ready for 2021. 

In 2021, there will be a change in Washington and village election campaigns will start up for April. North Riverside will be the only town this time around giving voters choices. Riverside and Brookfield’s election won’t be so interesting with no contested races, too bad. Thoughts on that at another time. Hopefully people will be going back to work, kids back to school, back to stores and restaurants and back to church.

One of the things I will be glad to be able to do again is to shake hands with people and give hugs and kisses, especially to my grandchildren. A priority for me will be to get that shot, and so should you. Happy New Year!