Ever since she was 8 years old, North Riverside native Brina Splingaire, currently living in Schaumberg, has had a passion for drag racing. Along with her father Jeff and her mother Cyndy, the family has spent weekends driving around, watching as Brina burn rubber on drag strips throughout the Midwest.

Splingaire went on to earn a degree in mechanical engineering technology from Purdue University, choosing the school for its excellent engineering program and its proximity to home and the tracks for weekend competitions. 

She is now employed as an application engineer at Greenheck Fan Corporation, who share in Splingaire’s love of cars. So when she had an opportunity to get her name on the list to order a 50th Anniversary COPO Camaro, she enlisted the help of Jim Greenheck, himself a racer. 

Splingaire got on the list for one of the Camaros – which fetch $150,000+ — and Greenheck became the owner of the car that Splingaire would drive. 

With Brina at the wheel, the Camaro gave her another win. To date, she has earned five national drag racing titles and looks forward to more. 

At the age of 32, she has gained the respect of other drivers who often look to her for advice and the answer to questions pertaining to their cars. Her own car is named the Chi-Town Shaker and is transported by Brina’s father, Jeff, in a trailer that also contains living quarters. 

If you happen to pass Jeff Splingaire’s business, Jeff’s Auto and Truck on East Quincy Street in Riverside, you may see the big rig waiting to be packed for its next excursion to the race track.

Brina was featured in the September 2020 issue of Drag Racing Edge highlighting her career. She reflected on how drag racing has changed with so much now being computerized. With the support of her family, it has given them time to spend together on something they all enjoy. 

According to Brina, “We have always said if it wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t do it.” 

Juggling work and racing hasn’t always been easy, but managing her time has been something she is used to doing.  

I might not know a lot about drag racing, but if I ever have a question I can ask Brina, who has the credentials and awards that keep her on track and make her a winner in more ways than one.