‘We go through life making many decisions, some are good and some are not so good, but for me the best was marrying my wife, Lupe, 70 years ago.” That is a true story of love and commitment when it comes to the Riverside residents Rey and Lupe Navarro.

Residents of Riverside over 50 years, the couple raised six children: Reynaldo, Carlos, Louis, Cecilia, David and the late Marco. They now count in their family 12 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, who are definitely the blessings of a long life of living and loving.

To celebrate their 70th anniversary the couple were surprised with a luncheon at La Barra Ristorante attended by their many family members and friends, including members of the MG Club, made up of enthusiasts of the tiny British automobiles you see every year in the Riverside July 4 parade. Family members came in from as far as California, with Kathy and Carlos Navarro of Lemont and Kelly and David Navarro of Riverside doing most of the planning. 

Rey and Lupe’s actual wedding date is July 28, and they celebrated it with Mass at St. Mary Church where they have been parishioners for many years, Rey serving as an usher. They have served the church in many ways, taking a large part in the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration where Lupe makes and serves some of her specialties. 

Riversiders know Rey best as one of the Friends of the Fourth. He also was honored as grand marshal of the parade one year.

Rey Navarro credits his wife with doing most of the work with the family, though they share many things together and feel fortunate to live in such a friendly community that provides so much.

They realized that over the years you tend to overlook some things and maybe that is part of their secret to a long and happy marriage. According to Rey, “I want to enjoy life,” and I’m sure they will continue to do so together for many more years. 

I guess they could say of Rey and Lupe: It is how much life they put into their love and how much love they put into their lives.

Congratulations as we all continue to share in your happiness.