What a week it was! Mother Nature did her pruning in excess when a storm raged through our area on June 13, yanking large trees that had stood for years from their roots onto whatever was in the way.

Some of the large trees cracked and showed they had rotted on the inside and didn’t have many years left. Cars became the resting place for some trees, while others took a toll on houses, with one on Lawton Road receiving extensive damage. Luckily the owner, who was home at the time, was not hurt. The damage assessment will take a while. 

As for Riverside, I don’t think I ever remember it looking this bad as a result of a storm. I remember when I left to go to college in Kansas my Mother warned me to watch out for tornadoes, thinking of the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Now we know our area is not immune to bad storms and tornadoes.

Brookfield took hits as well, including at Kiwanis Park where one tree snapped and fell onto the ball field concession stand. Along came the Little League parents, chainsaws in hand, to clear things out. 

Brookfield loves its Little League and downed trees would only temporarily put a stop to any games. My son Michael, a Brookfield resident, said that neighbors were out as soon as it was safe to help each other that had fallen to clear out any debris.

Power outages followed by a heat wave also caused concern in the Landmark area. North Riverside, Brookfield and Riverside were affected, including many food establishments who lost products as a result. 

Cooling stations were set up and attempts were made to get to those who may have needed help. I don’t know if all villages have a plan for handling such occurrences, but all seemed to go into action immediately with help coming from all over. It shows again how, in times of need, strangers become friends and help each other.

We were safe at the Kosey house. Our stately evergreens didn’t even bend and the patio furniture stayed in place. A branch from a neighbor’s tree fell on our driveway which Daughter Tina promptly removed and placed on the parkway when she came over to assess if there was any damage and make a wellness check. She came equipped with work gloves. That’s our girl!

Luckily no one in Riverside was hurt. Good job everyone. Much can be accomplished when we work together.

Golden occasion: Happy 50th wedding anniversary wishes to Judy and Bob Finn.