By the time you read this column the primary election of 2022 will be over. Yay!  Nobody will be happier than the mail carriers, who each day hauled a tree load of campaign literature to our mail boxes. 

They were colorful and very well done, and for what they cost they should be. I understand the reasoning behind it; however, when I am inundated with campaign literature it can sometimes have an adverse effect. After two or three pieces of literature and doing my own candidate research, I have my mind made up, so anything after that gets recycled.

We also get phone calls, and they always ask for Husband Joe. I then explain to them I am a voter also and have been an election judge for almost 40 years. I think I can handle this call.

I sometimes will question them about their candidate. It’s surprising how little some of them know. Question: What does your candidate do? Answer: I don’t know but I have met him. Another caller could not pronounce the candidate’s name correctly. In all fairness, they are volunteers — I hope — and are doing their part for the process.

To all candidates, whether you are a winner or a non-winner, good for you by stepping up to do your part to keep this country going. We may not always agree but you have to admit it is the best system. 

Which brings me to another part. It’s because people have stepped up over the years that we are able to have what we have today and will celebrate that this coming week on July 4. It is a time to get together with family and friends. COVID took away some of our fun time but not our freedom as Americans, so we deserve to celebrate.

The Landmark has details on all the happenings in our area in today’s paper. You know where you can find me. On July 3 in Riverside join us for music and food at Guthrie Park. On July 4 the annual parade will go down Longcommon from the Big Ball Park to Guthrie Park. It will be broadcast live with Jacob Palka and yours truly doing the play by play on Riverside TV.

So happy birthday, America. People, celebrate carefully and go easy on the fireworks. Apart from being dangerous, after 11 p.m. they are annoying.