Just when I thought I was through with primary election 2022, I find I’m not even after disposing of the last of the literature.

Call it quirky, but I enjoy after elections to go back and read the results and give my own analysis as to why people vote as they do. What really amazes me is the number of people who don’t vote and the variety of reasons. They will call you for jury duty (no). My vote doesn’t really count (I know an incumbent who said his son told him he was too busy. I would like to have heard that father-son conversation). I didn’t have time (How much time do you need? There is even early voting on Sundays, you can go to church, pray to make the right choice and go vote). I don’t like to declare myself (I get that, even though I don’t mind declaring my party preference). All of that being written, I was still amazed at the lack of voter turnout.

The Cook County Clerk’s website provides results where you can see the number of registered voters and the percentage who voted. It is very disheartening. In Riverside Township, voter turnout for the contest between hometown incumbent Mike Zalewski and challenger Abdelnasser Rashid, voter turnout was 13.74 percent.

While not everyone wants to step up and run for office, you can at least vote for those who are willing to give their time.

Also this year there was a shortage of election judges. I know the hours are long, but the pay is decent and it is very rewarding — that comes from one who has been an election judge for almost 40 years. I really enjoyed it.

I encourage high schoolers, college students and retirees to consider it for the next election. It is an interesting process and you will be surprised at what goes on when the polls close. Every ballot needs to be accounted for and judges are held accountable for what happens in their precincts.

So while I think I can put the primary election to rest, I am already seeing it all starting up again for the next election in November. People, here’s a little advice: Spend less time tearing down your opponents, and tell me what you have done and why you are running. 

Tell me what you plan to do, and if you’re not sure, I have a few things on my list for you to see.