Ever lay there in bed, tossing and turning and you can’t seem to fall asleep? You tried reading that book that has been lying around but flip on the TV instead. But there are more commercials than you can imagine, and it’s so annoying I vow not purchase the product no matter how good it looks and what a great deal it is. The addition of free shipping is tempting, but no sale. So, you start channel surfing.

Aha! I then remember Riverside has its very own TV channel, which is both educational and entertaining to say the least. When Riverside TV started, it was very basic with respect to programming and equipment. 

Today the village has a Cable Commission led by a group of residents who are well schooled in the field of TV broadcasting. You can now watch, at all hours, village board meetings, township meetings, programs covering community and educational events, discussions, lectures and interviews to name a few. If you miss a certain program, it can be seen again at another time. There are also old-time movies — and I mean really old-time movies – that can be viewed at those sleepless hours.

Right now, you can see the Riverside Independence Day Parade, which was filmed near the water tower with a crew and cameras as professional as it gets. Currently, they are doing interviews with residents as part of a living history project.

Local viewing choices aren’t limited to Riverside TV. Switch over to RBTV and you’ll find educational and informational programs that are entirely student-produced. Under the direction of teacher Gary Prokes, RBTV has produced many award-winning programs. If you ever visit RBTV in person, you can see the awards and view a studio that outshines many local studios. Programming on RBTV can include school board meetings, sporting events, musical programs and interviews with Chicago celebrities.

I am a fan of local TV and encourage you to give it a try — and they won’t try to sell you anything but some quality TV.