Get your kicks on Route 66 this weekend along with local drag race driver Brina Splingaire as the famed raceway in Joliet opens up after being closed for two years. The event this weekend will attract drag racers from all over who will spin their wheels at what is known as one of the premier racing tracks in North America. Attention this weekend to the track will hopefully bring it back to racing prominence.

Brina Splingaire has been racing since she was 8 years old and will be in her 2022 Chevy Camaro COPO 50th Anniversary edition car, which she now uses for competition. The weekend will be a family event as people view the facilities at the track and learn about the famed raceway and all types of cars. Each day will feature time trials to place cars in competition for the actual races. The vehicles will reach speeds of up to 200 mph.

Splingaire is an attraction herself and is one of the most winning female drivers in NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) history. Currently she has 5 NHRA national event wins and 4 Divisional NHRA event victories. This year, competing in Columbus, Ohio, she was the NHRA F Stock winner. You can find her upcoming schedule by going to her website:

The North Riverside native is the daughter of Jeff and Cindy Splingaire who have owned Jeff’s Auto in Riverside for over 30 years. Drag racing for the Splingaires is a family event and those passing Jeff’s Auto on Quincy may see a big “rig,” which not only transports Brina’s car but serves as home on the road. When hot rod racing, she lists her profession as Engineering Sales Manager.

Splingaire was very enthusiastic when she contacted us about the Route 66 event, pointing out that it’s a good family event and kid-friendly. She emphasized it would get people to learn about the famed raceway and possibly help the sport and the track regain popularity. Time was when drag racing was a popular sport, particularly in the Midwest. 

I can only imagine when Brina first learned to drive, which I’m sure was at a younger age than most of us. Her father, no doubt, had to warn her to drive slow and carefully. I’m sure when she gets on the track she is still told to drive carefully … but go fast. 

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