What’s for dinner may have been a familiar cry around the Lannon house, but with budding chef Michael Lannon around, his siblings would never be hungry. Growing up in the Beverly Park division of Broadview, young Michael took an interest in cooking while attending Komarek School in North Riverside. 

It was those home ec classes and practicing his skills at home that led him to a path that now finds him as head chef at the Riverside Golf Club.

While at Riverside-Brookfield High School, the 1998 graduate had as his home economics teacher the late Julie Morley, who he credits with the person who helped make him the chef he is. Belonging to the FHA Hero club at the school, he participated in competitions, winning second place in one local competition.

While in high school he worked at The Chew Chew restaurant in Riverside, learning the restaurant ropes under the tutelage of owner/chef Scott Zimmer, whose kitchen proved to be a good training ground for the burgeoning chef.

He moved to different restaurants learning all the while, spending seven years at the California Cafe in Schaumberg. He worked in upscale restaurants in the area and downtown Chicago. Before settling in at the Riverside Golf Club, also worked at different country clubs, which taught the differences from restaurant working.

Those who have been fortunate to have any of his meals at the golf club have always been satisfied by an excellent meal. He says all the menus are “100 percent created by me” and particularly enjoys making use of seasonal vegetables.

Pastries? Yes, he did the sweets for about two years but prefers preparing savory meals.

Where does he go to eat? Usually someplace downtown, possibly meeting up with some of his chef friends who also attended RBHS. The road he took to becoming chef at Riverside Golf Club started nearby and moved around the Chicago area before coming back close to home.