Don’t often write bout TV programs but one that lights up the tube for me is “Abbott Elementary.” Now in its second season, the sitcom is the fictional story of a school in Philadelphia. 

Created by Quinta Brunson, who plays the main character Janine Teagues, it centers around six teachers with different styles but who do it for the love of teaching and children.

Brunson’s role is as a new teacher who enters the field with exuberance and the desire to impart knowledge and wisdom to all her students no matter the obstacle. Her desire to learn from her fellow veteran teachers sometimes ends up as lessons for the newbie teacher. 

Needless to say, the situations leave it open for many plot lines. The out-of-school lives of the teachers is touched on briefly, but it gives a glimpse into the characters in their roles as teachers. Yes, teachers have a life outside school.

The program is a good watch for anyone who is a teacher or someone who wants a glimpse into the world of teachers. And as most teachers can tell you there are always stories to tell. I can remember a veteran teacher who after retiring said she could write a book on all her experiences. So, I thought back on some of my experiences which I will share with you.

There is always a reason why assignments are not done and not just the dog excuse. So, after days of assignments not being turned in, I asked the question. Why have you not been turning in your homework? 

I did not expect this answer, “My mom and my brother take up so much room in the house there is no place to do my work.” How do you keep a straight face? 

Or the little boy who wanted to enter the classroom where two teachers were standing in the doorway entrance conversing and barged right in between the teachers. So, the question was, “What do you say when teachers are standing in the doorway?” The reply:  “Get out of the way!”

Sometimes honesty is not the best policy. Lesson taught — the use of the word please.

Tune in when the new season begins on Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. on ABC and get your share of laughs.

I know I’ll be watching and don’t forget to thank a teacher. They work hard out there.