It is always right and polite to say thank you. It’s something we were taught at an early age. However, it sometimes gets left by the wayside.

Lately, I have received some thank you notes from some people who remembered the lesson. Today’s thank you notes seem to arrive, no less heart felt I’m sure, by way of the computer. I realize that it is 2022 and “this is how we do it now,” but forgive me, I am a purist and enjoy receiving that little note handwritten on a piece of stationary or note card that I can hold on to and maybe even save. 

One card lately received made note of the fact she had already sent a thanks via computer, but that she was an old-fashioned girl, so she sent a note. Thank you, you know who you are. I almost feel compelled to send you a thank you note for the thank you note.

Packages of note cards were always a safe gift to give since people used them, and it was always nice to have personalized cards to send notes or pictures of significance. Having purchased note cards for personal use, I find I didn’t always use them because I wanted to save them, which is why I have so many blank note cards. So, some of you should not be surprised if you receive a card from me as I clear out the inventory.

I am not chastising those of you who send thanks out by my other means. It’s what you do and at least are remembering to say thank you no matter what form.

Now here’s a sure way to get a thank you: The Riverside Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) is holding its annual Aunt Diana’s Fudge Sale fundraiser. This worthwhile organization annually gives out college scholarships and does so mainly through proceeds from the fudge sale.

It’s just $7.50 for 10 ounces, plain or with nuts. Orders need to be in by Nov. 22. Call Christine Zogas at 708-373-9173.

This is an opportunity to pick up some delicious and appreciated gifts for any reason or season.

Consider this a thank you to all you readers out there, even though it is not an individual thank you — I mean it. Your comments are always appreciated and sometimes I even get notes. Thank you!