Another Christmas has wrapped up and here we are getting ready to put up a new calendar. It seems like I just put up ones that were marked 2022 — where did the time go. 

We have two favorite calendars, a Page-a-Day one from dear friends Joe and Nancy Dvorak and a family calendar with pictures carefully assembled by our daughter-in-law Pam, surely a work of love. 

It’s fun to see how the kids have grown from year to year and how the grandparents have aged from year to year. It does ensure that we have pictures chronicling the past years.

It does seem unreal we are saying 2023 when I just got used to writing and saying 2022. Didn’t we just hit the year 2000? Remember that? All the gloom and doom that was assigned to that and what we could expect and what we would fear. 

Well, the millennium clicked over the same as other years, and we survived the fateful night. We did our usual celebrating at Chew Chew, which was then located in the Arcade Building. 

A group of Riverside revelers had assembled in front of the township hall to watch the clock strike 12 and make some noise to welcome in the new year. It was cold so they did the only right thing to do, and that was come to the Chew Chew for some liquid warmth and celebrate with those present. It was memorable.

While the actual day is over, Christmas isn’t over for me, since I celebrate until Jan. 6 — Little Christmas — when the Magi came to visit the Christ Child. So, I still have time to send out the rest of the Christmas cards, which I always intend to send out early. It does give the recipients a chance to enjoy them more since they are most often the lone card in the mail along with the bills and charity requests.

Watch the mail, and if you don’t receive one from me, don’t take offense. Consider this your personal greeting with wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. 

My resolution? Not to make any resolutions I won’t keep — although getting organized would be a good start, starting right now.