Greetings from Cantata! Does it sound like I am at some exotic island tanning myself and enjoying a tall tropical drink with a little umbrella garnished with fruit? Don’t I wish? I am at Cantata in Brookfield for rehab. Many of you still think of it as The British Home.

Here is how it started. I have had trouble with my legs for quite a while and have been under the care of Dr. Anderson, my podiatrist. However, on Jan. 4, I could not walk, called 911, and they transported me to MacNeal Hospital. So, there I was from Jan. 4 until Jan. 16. 

Aside from the poking, prodding and people coming in at all hours around the clock, telling you to get some rest, I cannot say enough good things about the facility. A comfortable bed and the nursing staff spoiled me. 

The food? They had an extensive menu to choose from and let me pick what time I wanted my meal served. The food was quite good, I might add.

What fascinated me was the robot that looked like something out of Star Wars. She has blue eyes and makes deliveries. Wanted to find out more about the robot but it didn’t happen. 

So here I am Cantata rehabbing, doing what I’m told to with the help of some very nice people. Most of the time I am in my room reading a John Grisham book and doing my exercises. I am gaining strength in my legs and upper body, but I’m not ready to be a Rockette yet and never will.

It’s been nice to meet some new people here who know The Landmark and wondered where my column had been. Well, I’m back and hope I won’t miss anything again. 

Hard to believe how fast the holidays came and went. Still have a few gifts that need to be delivered. I’m anxious to get back home to find out what’s happening so I can get news for you. Don’t forget, if you have anything of interest just send it to editor Bob Uphues at and I will get it.

Thank you to all of you who expressed concern. Sometimes life puts some bumps in the road, but you just roll with it. 

Looks like someone is coming in to give me more meds to help make me better. OK, here goes down the throat.

See you soon!