The Riverside-Brookfield Landmark sent questionnaires to each person running for public office in 2023. The Landmark’s questions are in bold and the candidate’s responses are below.

Linda Kampschroeder | Provided

Name: Linda Kampschroeder 

Previous Political Experience: Board member, LSF Brookfield Library since 2014; liaison, Friends & Foundation for Brookfield Library 

Previous/Current Community Involvement: Former owner of Salt Creek Wine Bar, 2005-2012; past president, Grand/Prairie Crossing Business Association; past co-president of Brookfield Bar Owners Association; volunteer, St Barbara School and St Barbara Parish, including teacher’s aide; Brownie leader; secretary of the Parish Council, Parish President and Deanery President of the Council of Catholic Women 

Occupation: Retired

Education: Southeast Missouri State University 

1. Brookfield Public Library staff and patrons have now settled into a new building, providing space and the opportunity to provide more programming and services. What do you believe the library board must do in the coming four years to maximize the institution’s potential?  

The Board of Trustees is currently undergoing a process to formulate our Long Range Plan. There was a survey sent out and listening sessions held as a start to this process.  Making the transition to the new library was a tremendous undertaking. Both the staff and the public still need time to acclimate to the new space and “grow into it.” 

2. What do you believe is the role of a library in the 21st century? What kind of programming and services should a library offer; what should it not offer? Is the library meeting its mission now? Why or why not? 

The library is the cultural, educational, and social hub of the community. The library is continuously striving to meet that end. The needs of the community will change with time. The building was designed with flexibility in mind for future needs.  

I believe there are ways we can expand and enrich community awareness of the diversity amid and around us without alienating our patrons and community members.  

3. In the past couple of years, throughout the nation and even locally, there have been attempts to censor library materials. As a library trustee, how would you suggest staff approach requests to remove materials? Do you believe the library’s collection serves and reflects Brookfield? How can it improve? 

Staff members must adhere to the policy set forth by the Board of Trustees regarding censorship and the removal of materials. It is not an individual decision. The Board of Trustees supports the First Amendment.  

Even with the new building, space is limited. The inter-library loan system is invaluable in providing materials for our patrons while keeping costs within budget.  The library also has an impressive online database.  

4. What other issues are important to you as a library board candidate? How would you advocate for them as a board member? 

I see a great opportunity for the library to remain vibrant and grow in its role as a hub in the community. I would love to continue being a part of that process.