Seventy years ago, a young girl sat mesmerized before the black-and-white TV to view the coronation of another young girl, who became Queen Elizabeth of England, a title she would hold for seven decades. 

The young Elizabeth assumed the title of Queen of England, following the untimely death of her father. 

Seeing a real-life fairytale was entrancing — a beautiful young princess about to be queen, a carriage gilded in gold, a crown symbolizing years of history. Her heavy royal cape was placed upon her shoulders; she was now queen. 

Going down the long aisle she would meet her eager countrymen. On a balcony with her family, mother, grandmother, sister and beloved husband, Phillip, she smiled broadly as she waved her queenly wave. 

Below the balcony were her faithful guards and troops, she would hold in her heart a love of her countrymen for the next 70 years. 

The year is 2023, the girl watching the coronation of Elizabeth’s oldest son, King Charles III, is now grown and does not need permission to stay home from school to watch it. If you hadn’t figured it out, that girl was me. Only now, the TV is larger and in color.

I watched the event with the same fascination of many years ago, only I had learned much more about the monarchy and the new king. Already, Charles is in his early 70s, and one can be assured there will not be a 70-year wait. Next in line is Prince William, King Charles’ oldest son. William and his wife, Kate, are already displaying how they and their three children will bring a new dimension to the monarchy. 

The colors were beautiful. The carriage was more than I imagined. The royal couple waved while conversing. I can only imagine what they were saying: “I do want to go to the bathroom!” “What do you think we’re having to eat?” “They messed my hair a little when they put that crown on.” 

Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did. No apologies for enjoying the Royal Family and then a quick nap because it was Derby Day. 

I always make a bet, even if it’s only on paper. I can honestly say I’m glad no money changed hands. My horse is still looking for the rest of the pack. So that was my day, and the parade of life continues.