Riverside Village Clerk Ethan Sowl (right) administers the oath of office to incoming Village President and former Trustee Douglas Pollack on Thursday Sept. 21, 2023. | Todd Bannor

Riverside’s village board said farewell to Joseph Ballerine as he resigned from his position as village president at the Sept. 21 village board meeting.  

“It’s been a good run,” Ballerine said as he thanked Riverside village officials and residents.  

Immediately after, the village board appointed Douglas Pollock, who until Sept. 21 served as a trustee. Pollock presented his resignation as trustee at the same meeting. He will act as village president until the village’s next elections in 2025. Pollock’s knowledge of village government, paired with his extensive career in government are expected to be valuable assets. 

“It is a great honor to be in this chair,” Pollock said after being appointed.  

Village and county officials recognized Ballerine’s continued service with a standing ovation, followed by a proclamation on behalf of the village.  

Riverside Village President Joseph Ballerine speaks at his final Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday Sept. 21, 2023. | Todd Bannor

“We the members of the Riverside Board of Trustees do hereby express to Joseph Ballerine our sincere and deep appreciation for his outstanding service and dedication to the village of Riverside and its residents,” Pollock read.  

Cook County Clerk Karen A. Yarbrough also delivered a proclamation on behalf of the Office of the Clerk of Cook County honoring the Riverside native. She thanked Balleriine for his service not only to the village, but also Cook County and the state.  

Ballerine previously announced his intention to retire from village government by late September.  

Village officials also thanked Ballerine for his service and commitment to the village over the last three decades. He was elected village president in 2021 and previously occupied several seats in the village’s government.   

Former Riverside Village Trustee Douglas Pollack takes his seat as new Village President on Thursday Sept. 21, 2023. | Todd Bannor

“You’ve had an incredible impact and Riverside was lucky to have had you for these many years,” Village Manager Frances said. 

Cook County Board Commissioner Frank Aguilar (16th) joined village staff to congratulate Ballerine on his retirement.  

“Thank you Joseph Ballerine for all your work, your commitment and everything you have done for the 16th District and for the village of Riverside,” Aguilar said. 

Pollock’s resignation from the village board after three consecutive terms leaves an empty trustee seat. The village board will appoint a new trustee to serve in that capacity at a future date.