Riverside law enforcement warned residents this week that an unknown man is knocking on doors distributing false letters on behalf of the state. 

The false letters claim the state has randomly selected properties to house “homeless immigrant or refugee families” and claims that homeowners are mandated to turn their properties to the state, according to an Oct. 6 news release from Riverside police. They said they have received multiple complaints about the man delivering the letter.

The letters claim to be issued by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker. 

None of the parties issued such letters, authorities said on the village’s website.

If a resident receives this or a similar letter, they are urged to call Riverside police.

Police are working to identify the man. To share information regarding this subject, call 708-447-9191.

Law enforcement recommends homeowners refrain from opening their home’s door to any unknown individuals and sharing personal information.