A man who re-enlisted in the military and expected a bonus check of $11,629 discovered that someone else had deposited it, North Riverside police said. 

He reported that he contacted the military and received an image of the check with a forged signature. 

A year ago, he moved and also contacted his former landlord, who denied any involvement. He was given a report number by the police and advised to follow up with the financial services department in the military to get a new check and find out who stole his original one. 

Drunk man lies about his wife threatening to kill him

A domestic dispute ended peacefully on Tuesday night, after North Riverside police intervened in the situation. 

According to police, a man reported that his wife tried to pull a knife on him after she came home upset from work. The man, who admitted to drinking, said he was worried about his wife’s well-being and wanted her to talk to him. 

The wife, who locked herself in her bedroom with the knife, said she just wanted some space and did not threaten her husband. She also said she was fed up with his drinking. After talking to the officer, the wife agreed to leave for the night and go to her friend’s house. 

The husband was advised to give her space and let the situation settle. No charges were filed and no injuries were reported.

Man walks out with a stolen coat from Burlington Coat Factory

Police responded to a retail theft at Burlington Coat Factory in Riverside, where they found a man wearing a stolen yellow coat at the parking lot. 

The man put on the coat and walked away. The store manager said he did not want to engage with the man because of his reported aggressive and abnormal behavior, so he just called the police. 

The man admitted to having a substance problem and was handcuffed for safety. The assistant manager of the store said he only wanted the coat back and the man was banned from the store. Police returned the coat and the suspect agreed to never return to the store. Police then transported the man to the Forest Park Blue Line station.

Four people steal from Foot Locker 

Four people stole sports items from Foot Locker Nov. 16, North Riverside police said.

Three men and one woman entered the store at about 6:33 p.m. One of the men, wearing red shoes, selected two t-shirts off the sales floor and hid them under his black sweatshirt. He then exited the store after walking past the last point of purchase. The individuals were seen exiting the mall through entrance four about 10 minutes later. The stolen items included a white Nike t-shirt retailing for $30 and a Chicago Cubs t-shirt retailing for $38, totaling $68.00 worth of merchandise. Foot Locker has stated that they would sign complaints should the individual come back into the store. 

These items were obtained from the North Riverside Police Department reports dated Nov. 14 to Nov. 20 and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in these reports has only been charged with a crime and cases have not yet been adjudicated. We report the race of a suspect only when a serious crime has been committed, the suspect is still at large, and police have provided us with a detailed physical description of the suspect as they seek the public’s help in making an arrest.

Compiled by Amina Sergazina