Wendell is still going strong.

This week on ABC Channel 7’s “The Bachelorette,” the six remaining hopefuls for the hand of Bachelorette Jen Schefft had more demanding challenges than we’ve seen them undergo thus far. It seems that as the competition increases, the men have to prove their worthiness.

The first challenge was to write Jen a love letter explaining why the men each thought they’d be a good husband. The catch was that they weren’t allowed to sign their names. Jen would then choose two letters, granting each of the writers a coveted one-on-one date. The letters Jen selected belonged to Ryan and Jerry. The rest of the men, including Riverside native Wendell Jisa, got to go to dinner with her as a group.

Jen rode on a fire truck with Ryan, and went to a private concert and dinner with Jerry. The group date took place in New York’s Little Italy neighborhood, where the four men made pizzas and ate with Jen.

The men were then surprised by the host of the show, Chris, who explained that one more challenge would take place that evening. The contestants had to hand over all of their personal effects and then get themselves to the Empire State Building and race to the top. Jen would be waiting, and the first man there got to enjoy private time with her for the rest of the evening.

Wendell resourcefully hopped in a cab and promised the driver $300 if he got him there as fast as possible. It paid off. Wendell was the first man to the top, and Jen was pleased.

She told the cameras that Wendell was a “breath of fresh air,” and that she knew he was determined and would make it. Lame Fabrice chose to just walk home, rather than compete.

At the rose ceremony, the group of men was narrowed to four. Fabrice stepped up and quit, and Jen cut Ben. So, Wendell is part of the final four, who next Monday take Jen home to meet their families.