The Riverside Village Board of Trustees unanimously approved a request Tuesday night from the Public Works Department to pay the Meyne Company $12,448 to finish work on the village water tower. Although the village has already appropriated $1,101,002 for the project, further investigation by Meyne showed lead paint on the tower and asbestos roof shingles on the two well houses, according to Mike Hullihan, director of Public Works.

“The southwest well house has some corroded metal roof molding that needs to be removed,” he said. “The southwest well house has been there for 80 years, so I am not that surprised that we found the problem. This should be the last changes that I envision for the project.”

New trees for Patriot Park

In other business, the trustees voted to continue paramedic service with Public Safety Service Inc. (PSSI) from 2005-2008 for $1,280,436. The village first entered into a contract with the company in 1992, but after the contract was up, the city decided to pursue a lower bidder. After many problems with that provider, the board re-entered a contract with PSSI in 1996. According to a memo by Fire Chief Anthony Bednarz, the village saves 20 to 25 percent per year by using paramedic contractors.

The trustees also approved a resolution authorizing Public Works to issue a landscape permit for the 2005 tree planting program. The locations have already been chosen to replace dead trees or to find areas that need green space. Patriot Park will receive two Catalpas, five Ironwoods and 15 Kalm’s St. John’s Wort. An Autumn Blaze Maple will be planted across from 228 Bloomingbank and a Catalpa will be planted in the Akenside and Northwood triangle.

Task force to review zoning process

At the Committee of the Whole meeting, the board of trustees devoted a large chunk of time discussing the implementation of a task force to evaluate the present site plan application process in the B2 zoning code. Members of the task force will include two volunteers from the Plan Commission, Preservation Commission and Landscape Advisory Commission.

“I think this is a very good idea,” said President Harold Wiaduck, Jr. “I think the task force can work with the administrative staff to make the process easier without losing its strength.”

Trustee Candice Grace agreed.

“I think we need to clarify roles,” she said. “Just by meeting, the task force will help clarify the job and make the process less complicated.

The village board also approved:

?  an amendment to Parallel 42 Wine and Cheese Caf for a C liquor license that will allow the establishment to serve beer along with its current license for selling wine;

?  the purchase of a Bobcat, from Atlas Bobcat Inc. for $18,086;

? an agreement with Crystal Janitorial Services for $28, 080. for one year.