A Riverside woman was gunned down by her ex-husband in a hospital parking lot as she left her shift at University of Illinois-Chicago Medical Center with her fianc and a friend late Thanksgiving night, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Security cameras allegedly captured Earl Roberts, 46, of the 5600 block of West Adams Street in Chicago, ambushing the trio around 11:39 p.m. in the garage at 1801 W. Taylor St. and shooting his ex-wife Angela Bonds, 48, in the back and the top of the head, according to State’s Attorney spokesman Andy Conklin.

Roberts ran up behind Bonds, her fiancé and their friend, and pulled out a handgun. According to security footage, the hood obscuring his face fell from his head during the scuffle, allowing a clear view of Roberts, who shot Bonds, then chased her fianc, who escaped up a ramp and got away.

Bonds lived in the 3400 block of South Harlem Avenue. Roberts and Bonds had been separated for seven years and were divorced, said Conklin. They worked together in the housekeeping department of the hospital, as did her fianc. The Chicago Sun-Times reported Saturday that Bonds had complained to family over the past two years of someone vandalizing her car at work and pouring sugar in the gas tank.

Campus security locked down the hospital until 5 a.m. the following day while police S.W.A.T teams searched for Roberts, Conklin said. He was spotted around 6:30 a.m. the next morning by a campus police officer who saw him enter the passenger side door of a van and drove away. When the officer curbed the van at 14th Street and Damen Avenue, Roberts fled on foot, shedding his jacket and throwing a gun over a fence. A passing Chicago-based FBI agent on his way to work helped apprehend Roberts, who was charged with first-degree murder.

He appeared in court Sunday and was denied bond by Judge Israel Desierto. Roberts’ lawyer told the Sun-Times and Tribune that his client has no criminal record, has three adult children and attends church regularly.

Riverside police said they had no significant previous contact with Bonds.